Monday, November 2, 2009


this morning, i'm feeling not so good. thursday i started feeling sick, and it hasn't really gone away. friday my throat was hurting, but no fever. i took so benadryl that night, and slept like a rock. it was so nice. and saturday i felt really good. then i didn't take any medicine saturday night, so i think that's what screwed me up. i didn't feel that bad yesterday, but this morning i feel icky. i was just scared to take the medicine saturday night and last night because i didn't want it to make me pass out and not wake up in time. but i'm definitely taking it tonight.

sorry i've been kind of behind on blogging. i've had a lot going on this weekend. halloween was a bunch of fun. addison was dressed up for a while and helped give out candy. we had some friends over and just relaxed for the most part. yesterday, chris and my dad went to the Titan's game. i had a bunch of homework and studying i needed to do, so i didn't go. but the Titan's FINALLY won! maybe i'm bad luck.

i'll be posting some pictures from halloween night soon, and hopefully some other new ones too. chris is taking addison to Dr. Kelly this morning for her helmet, so i'll let yall know what happens!