Friday, November 27, 2009

addison's first birthday party (the good stuff)

i forgot to include a picture of addison's happy birthday banner and of her first birthday cupcake. so here they are!!

chris brought addison down for her grand entrance. she was soooo cute! and so was chris :)

here is addison and my daddy. she loves playing with his glasses. and she just loves playing with him in general.

chris's family was able to come, which was really great. it was good to see all of them. here is addison with chris's step-dad, jerry.

here she is with my aunt mandy.

my friend blair and her son, caden, were able to come to the party. caden is walking and addison would just follow him everywhere. it was pretty funny. she really wanted to play, but he just wanted to explore. it was cute.

addison played with everyone. everyone wanted to hold her. and she really did great. we had a bunch of people over. she took a good morning nap and ate lunch, then everyone arrived!

here she is with mary. mary loves taking pictures with my dads camera. so i gave it to her and let her take a bunch of pictures.

addison tries to climb up the stairs now. she can get up 2, but that's as far as i've let her get. she might be able to go farther, but i don't really want her to. and she definitely doesn't know how to get down.

there's blair with both babies. caden is probably wondering why his mommy is holding a baby that's not him.

here are all of addison's presents. she got a ton of stuff. clothes, toys, everything. she really hit the jackpot!

chris and i got addison a wagon and 2 toys. the wagon is pretty cool. and we got her a little tea set, which talks. and also a penguin bowling set. chris loves penguins, so i thought it would be perfect for both of them.

addison was all into playing with the tissue paper. she actually tried to eat some. surprise surprise.

she got a little bored with opening presents. so she decided to crawl over to the couch and tell everyone hi.

she went to chris after a little bit. i was the one opening presents. it kind of felt like my birthday :)

she got so many cool toys. she got a gum ball machine (not real gum balls. just little rolly balls. it's really cool though!). she also got a drum that, when you hit it, it shows the abcs, or you can just make noise. it's pretty cool. i think i like it more than addison.

addison had a chocolate cupcake for her birthday. she didn't really dig in. i just mushed it down and fed her some.

here is addison with cindi. cindi watches addison while i'm at school.

caden wasn't really into the wagon. addison loved it though. even though caden was crying. she was just smiling. he would cry when he was being taken away from his parents. but once he couldn't see them, he was fine. it was pretty funny.

addison went on a ride after some people left. she loves that thing. she feels like such a big girl in it.

mary helped addison play with her gum ball machine.

here's addison with her cool drum. it was from mary and travis, and they also got her that super cute hat!

here's addison with brittany. i used to work with brittany at t-mobile. we became really good friends. she's moving back to texas next month. i'm going to miss her!

here's addison with faye. and one of her penguin bowling pins. addison decided to give him a kiss. or eat him. i think it's the latter of the two.

the boys hanging out watching football. doing what they do best.

my dad and addison played on the couch for a while. he was showing her how to play with her drum.

my friend krysta and her little girl kynlee weren't able to come to the birthday party. but they did come by that night.

we put both of them in the wagon. they both really liked it. once we took them out, kynlee walked over to it and tried to get back in.

the birthday party was a total success. it was so much fun. i'm so glad i had my mom helping me bake and decorate. we're professional party planners now :)