Monday, November 30, 2009

with the good comes the bad...sometimes

well, we just got back from the doctor.

good news first.

addison got her helmet off today! chris took her this morning and was home within an hour. i'm so excited! it's really weird to see her without it on all the time. but i know i'll get used to it. i already put some bows in her hair today. she looked so cute!

on to the not so good news.

last night, we put addison down for the night at 8:30 as usual. we didn't hear a peep from her...until 9:30. i just thought she lost her paci, so i went upstairs to give it to her.


she was standing up, wide awake.

i thought hmmm. maybe she'll go back to sleep.


she was up. i didn't really know what to do. i rocked her, i sang to her. i thought she might be hungry so i gave her a little more food. nothing worked. every time i would put her in bed, she would just scream. chris didn't know what to do either. so around 11:15, we decided to take her for a car ride. that was the only other thing we could think of to do.

and, thankfully, it worked. we drove around for almost an hour to make sure she was out. when we got home, i carefully carried her in and put her in her crib. she stayed asleep. i thought she was going to wake back up at one point, but she didn't. she acted like that on thanksgiving, but i just thought she was excited about everyone being around.

so today, chris took her to her appointment and when he tried to put her down for her nap, she just screamed again. i thought she might have an ear infection, but i didn't know. so i made an appointment for her at her pediatrician this afternoon. the earliest they could get us in was 3:40, which is in the middle of addison's afternoon nap.

she did take a short morning nap, which was really good. we went to the doctor and got called back to a room after just a few minutes. but then we waited in that room for over 30 minutes. addison was getting really fussy and really squirmy.

the doctor that we had the appointment with isn't her normal doctor. dr. w (her normal doctor) wasn't there today. so we saw dr. l today. we have seen her once before, and it didn't go too well. i didn't really want to see her again today, but i really had no choice.

well, needless to say, i don't want to see her again. i don't think she's a bad doctor, but she just isn't really right for me. addison screamed the whole time. seriously, the whole time dr. l was there, addison was screaming. i just wanted to tell her we were done and just leave. at least i know now.

i just feel really sad now. addison doesn't have an ear infection, but dr. l said there might be one coming. she's actually napping now. she screamed for a while, but now she's asleep.

hopefully tonight will be a lot smoother than last night. i guess we'll see. so much for my really exciting day! oh well, addison has her helmet off for good so there's always tomorrow....


Valerie said...

Glad to hear she got her helmet off!! So sorry to hear she has what looks like an up and coming ear infection. Those are no fun.

Judi said...

Hope Addison feels better soon. Cute photo on FB today:)