Wednesday, November 25, 2009

coming soon

well i started uploading pictures for addison's birthday party post last night, and i still have more to upload. i've been uploading them all morning, too. so now you know that there really are a ton of pictures. i'm almost done uploading them, but i haven't been able to write anything yet.

so the post probably won't be done until friday. i'm not going to have time to do anything blog-like these next few days.

today, chris's dad and his best friend are coming into town from savannah, ga. this is going to be the first time his dad has seen addison. well not seen, because he's seen pictures. but the first time he's met addison. his dad is staying with us until friday, and his best friend, jason, is being picked up by his mom this afternoon to go home for thanksgiving. they should get here around 9, but i'll be at school so i won't be here when they arrive. chris is off today, so he'll be here.

and around noon, chris's brother, keith, will get here with his girlfriend, leighann and their son, lane. lane is only 6 months older than addison, so hopefully they'll play well together. they are staying here tonight and then going to chris's mom's tomorrow morning. i think this is going to be the first time chris's dad has met lane too. it's just going to be an exciting day!

oh, and last night, my uncle, aunt, and cousin came in from florida. they are either leaving friday or saturday. they aren't staying with us (even if they wanted to, we don't have enough room!), they're staying with my granny.

tonight we're doing a low country boil. i think that's what chris calls it. his dad is bringing up some shrimp and they're doing everything. i don't know what to do, so i won't be of help (yay!). all the family that's in town is coming over, well the one's that won't be here already. and my mom, dad, granny, and our friends mary and travis are coming too.

i think that's it...i may have left someone out. i don't remember who all is coming. it's going to be a full house again tonight. but addison was fine on saturday, so i'm sure she'll be fine tonight.

i'm definitely going to be taking a lot of pictures these next few days, so this weekend i'm sure there will be a few more posts (including addison's birthday one) with a ton of pictures! beware!!

i hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and eats lots of yummy food!!


Valerie said...

Thank you so very much for your sweet comments on my blog!! You're awesome!