Friday, November 20, 2009

new moon

spoiler alert!!
there may be information about the book/movie in this post. just a warning!!

wow. i'm so tired. i didn't get home until almost 3 and i couldn't fall asleep after that. ughhh. i would love to take a nap this afternoon but i doubt that's going to happen. i have so much to get done for addison's birthday tomorrow!

anywho, back to the movie.


really wow.

i'll start from the beginning of the night. so we got to restaurant (that's attached to the theater) at 9. and we looked in the theater and people were already lined up. really?? well, we wanted to eat still, so we went and ate. we didn't go to get in line until 10, and there wasn't much of a line. so we were pretty happy.

then we learned that they were already letting people in the theater we were watching the movie in. so some people went in to get us seats together and me and a few others stayed out. well, we had a ticket dilemma. i thought the ticket lady had taken one of my tickets, and i was scared for some reason i wasn't going to be able to go in. but once a few people went in, my friend brought me an extra stub out and we went in. ok, i don't want people thinking i snuck into a movie. i did buy 8 tickets and there were 8 people.

once we got in the movie, at 10:30 i might add, we just hung out. people would slowly come in. then i had to go to the bathroom and so i needed a ticket. i asked my friend for hers, and attached to hers was the extra one. dilemma solved!

the night goes on and 12:00 comes around. the theater is full, and some people start coming in still. there were 2 girls that came in and they said they wanted to sit together. really?? you come in at 12:00 for a 12:10 movie that you know is going to be packed and try to make people move around for you to sit together? well, i don't know what happened, but i was kind of irritated by them. maybe it's just cause i was so tired.

ok, so 12:10 comes around. and the movie didn't start....

and it didn't start....

and it finally started!!!

everyone was so excited.

i was so excited.

the movie went along with the book a whole lot better than twilight. but new moon was my least favorite of the books, so i was kind of torn.

i did like the movie a lot. but i did miss the fun scenes from twilight, like the baseball scene. that was my favorite.

there were a lot of action scenes, but there weren't many vampires throughout the movie. if you have read the books, you know why.

and i like vampires.

don't get me wrong, i do like werewolves, but vampires are my favorite.

when i was reading the book, it was such a drag. i seriously had to skip to the end to make sure vampires came back.

in the middle of the movie, the theater lights came on and the movie stopped. everyone freaked out. i was so tired so i didn't really care. then it started again, then stopped. it did that again and then it finally came back on. this lasted about 5 minutes, and was kind of annoying. but it was ok. the movie was still fantastic!

so, the movie all together was really good. the acting was better, the special effects were better. kristen stewart looked a whole lot better this movie. her acting was better (but i still don't really like her) and she looked more feminine.

now, if you've read all the books, i don't really think there is a team edward/team jacob issue. in new moon, i totally see how some people are team jacob. my heart ached for jacob during the movie. is that weird? but in the last book, jacob finds someone else. so it's not like he goes on running after bella.

just read the books!! movies are so much better if you've read the books. you know what's going to happen and you can pick up on the small things that other people can't see.

oh, and i kind of feel bad for robert pattinson. they had a preview for a new movie of his and the whole time i was thinking 'that's edward'. i don't think he's ever going to get out of that. whenever is see him, all i think is edward. and he acts the same in all the movies, so you can't really tell a difference. poor guy. maybe he'll break out of it. but i don't really think so. at least he has twilight!!

well, that's my new moon review. it's not really a movie review as much as what i think of everything twilight. i can't wait for eclipse to come out. i heard that it's coming out in may. really? that would be totally awesome.

who knows how many times i'll go see new moon. i saw twilight 5 times, so maybe i'll stick with that for new moon :)