Wednesday, November 11, 2009

and the countdown(s) begin

my countdowns have begun. they actually started a few days ago. the first one is addison's birthday, which is in 10 days. i'm so excited about her party! we still have a lot of stuff to get, but i'm sure it'll come together very nicely. i'll try to take a bunch of pictures to share!

here is the invitation for her party. they came from target, and we printed on the white sheet. i think they look so cute!

the next countdown is new moon. ok, i will admit i'm kind of more excited about this than addison's birthday. wait, did i just say that? oops. but this one comes first, so that's why i'm so excited. only 8 more days! well, kind of 9, but it's at midnight so i consider it 8. i got the tickets for our group the other night and i'm SO excited. every time i see a preview i just get even more excited. can you tell i'm excited?

here's one of the tickets. i took it right after i got them so i could send it to some friends. sorry it's such a bad pic. i took it with my phone.

this is what our painting that i talked about here was based on......

this is my favorite movie poster :) hmmmm...i wonder why??

yay! november 20 can't come soon enough!!! oh, and i will say, if you haven't read the books, you totally should! don't go see the movie without reading the books!

the last countdown isn't exactly a countdown. i'm not actually counting the days, but i'm excited for it. christmas break is just around the corner! after thanksgiving, christmas break will be only 2 weeks away! i guess i'm kind of counting :)


The Pollans said...

Love the new name, new layout, new pic of miss addison, everything. You did a great job! Now come up with a clever name for me!! haha Im only kidding. Cant wait to see pics of Addisons big birthday!!!

bailey said...

thanks! it's taken me a while because i do a little bit at a time. and i like the name of your blog! maybe once i get photoshop (my trial goes out in a few days), i can do your blog :) you could be my first customer!