Monday, November 16, 2009

girls just wanna have fun

saturday was a girls day. chris went to work and went out that night and addison stayed with my mom so i could go hang out with my friend, maria, for some much needed girl time. but during the day addison and i hung out with my mom and went shopping for her birthday decorations. i know you're dying to know what we got, but i'm not going to tell you. it's a surprise! you'll see pictures soon....

i left my mom's right after addison got up from her (long) afternoon nap. i was jealous that she was napping long at my mom's, but doesn't normally nap long for me. but then she napped long yesterday too. she does love me :)

my mom took a few pictures of addison before she went to bed saturday night.

my mom loves flamingos, so i packed addison's flamingo pjs.

addison looks like she's flying in this picture. i think it's really cute.

yesterday i went back to my mom's to get addison, and ended up staying there for a while. addison took her morning nap there and then we went outside and put her in her swing. it was so nice outside. i think it got up to 70, which is crazy for november!

addison loved her swing. she didn't really know what to think at first, but once she was swinging, she had a blast. she was laughing and looking all around.

i told you my mom loves flamingos. she has a little garden in her back yard that has a few. this one is my favorite.

after addison was done swinging, we sat her in a pile of leaves.

i didn't have my good camera with me, but i took a bunch of pictures with my mom's camera.

she just sat there for a few minutes wondering what was going on. then she picked up some leaves to look at them.

and finally she was having fun. my mom raked up more leaves all around her so she was surrounded by a large pile of leaves.

hmmmm....i wonder if this tastes good??

she tried to put leaves in her mouth multiple times. but i didn't let her. and i think she was mad at me for that. i think she would have been disappointed if she had tasted them.

so i had girl time for almost 2 days. it was nice hanging out with addison and my mom, and then maria, and then back to addison and my mom.

and the countdowns are getting so close!! here's where they stand today:

new moon - 3 days
addison's birthday - 5 days
addison gets her helmet off - 14 days