Tuesday, November 24, 2009

addison's first birthday party (decorations)

so, i took a TON of pictures at addison's birthday party. 276 to be exact.

so i decided to break up her birthday party in 2 parts. the first, being today, is just about the decorations for her party. then tomorrow (hopefully) i'll post all of the pictures of her and the guests. and boy are there a lot of pictures i want to put in the second post. you'll see :)

my mom and i got decorations for addison's party the weekend before the party. we went to party city and got a bunch of different first birthday decorations.

my mom went back friday and ordered some balloons to be picked up the morning of the party. we put some balloons and decorations on our mailbox so people would know where the party was.

we also put decorations all over the screen door. we had a ton of cute things, so we just put them where ever we could!

we had balloons galore. we didn't have that many places to put them, so we put them on the stair banister. it is right when you walk in the door, so it was a good little introduction to the party :)

addison had her little shrine. we put some balloons on her highchair and two little 1st birthday crowns. i think it looked pretty darn cute.

we had a few snacks for everyone. the party was at 1, so we figured people would have probably had lunch already. but we wanted some food just in case people got hungry. and they did. i made rotel and we had salsa and chips. we also sliced some veggies and had a veggie tray. i don't have any pictures because by the time i thought to take pictures, the food was almost gone. at least everyone liked it!!

the colors we used for her party were yellow, hot pink, and light blue. my mom got some ribbon in those colors and curled it. we put it all over the kitchen table and my mom tied it on the chandelier above the table.

we had a bowl/vase thing on our kitchen table with fake fruit (lemons, apples, and oranges). we took those out and my mom thought we could put tissue paper in it. it looked really cute.

my mom really wanted to put some feathers around the coozies she got. so she bought a feather boa and glued it around the cookies. they looked pretty cute. and they were good for the women to use for their drinks.

i made addison a birthday plate. it was my mom's idea, though. she saw one online and she thought i could do it. and i did. my mom bought a plain plate and she already had the marker/pens for drawing on it. i think it turned out pretty cute. and we can use it for addison's future birthdays too!

that's about it for the decorations. the house looked super cute. it was a bunch of fun, and not really as hard as i thought it would be.

stay tuned! tomorrow will be part 2 of addison's first birthday party!