Wednesday, November 18, 2009


well, i'm just going to ramble about stuff. hopefully you can keep up with me!

today i've actually had some time to relax. i didn't get home until 2:30, but addison went down at 3 and is still napping. i've just been playing on the computer because i don't have any homework that i need to do. so tonight i'm just going to watch tv. i think we might go to the grocery store, but that's all we have planned for the night.

i'm sure i'm not the only person that has certain shows on certain nights. i have shows every night of the week. i'll break it down for you....i know you were wondering.

well, before i start, every night i try to watch wheel of fortune. i love that show. my granny has always watched it and i just keep watching it. when i was younger, i would stay at my granny's house during the day until my mom got off work. my granny told me that when my mom had told her i couldn't watch tv that day, i would beg to watch wheel of fortune. i would said it was educational, so i should be able to watch it. i guess that's where my love for wheel of fortune began. hey, at least i was creative!

ok, so back to my shows.

monday - i guess this is the one day there isn't a specific show i watch. chris and i usually watch the big bang theory, but that's the only show we watch every monday night.

tuesday - we started watching the biggest loser this season. and i love it. we'll watch that, and then watch leno to see how the person who got kicked off looks now. chris likes to watch the little couple too, because he has a strange obsession with midgets.

wednesday - the middle and GLEE!!! i love glee! all the singing just makes me happy. seriously, musicals really make me happy. example: i LOVE the sound of music. glee wasn't on during the world series because all the games were the night glee was on. so we would watch modern family and cougartown. both are so funny, but i love my musicals a little more.

thursday - grey's anatomy and real housewives of orange county. i miss ugly betty being on before grey's. i've been watching grey's from the beginning, and i still love it. and the real housewives just makes me laugh.

friday - monk, psych, and white collar. monk is in it's last season, so i've been watching it. psych isn't on anymore, but i think it's so funny. chris doesn't get the humor, but i do and i laugh so much. white collar is on after monk now, and it's pretty good. it's kind of like catch me if you can but in a show.

well, those are my shows! we don't really have any shows on the weekend. and most of the shows are my shows and chris just watches them with me. poor guy...

addison was climbing all over me the other day so i took a few pictures. for some reason she likes to attempt to eat my toe.

i love the little piece of hair that curls out of the side of her helmet. it's like her little wings.
i still can't believe my child has blonde hair and blue eyes. i wonder if people will believe that my brown hair, brown eyed self is her mom. i'm jealous of her pretty eyes.

she also tries to eat my knee, leg, shoulder, hand, or whatever she can get her mouth on.

i guess she's drooling while thinking about how good my jeans taste. yummmmmm

i'm sure walking will begin shortly. i can't believe how big she is! i miss my little baby. but i love seeing her grow up.

tomorrow night is new moon!!
addison's birthday is in 3 days.
addison gets her helmet off in 12 days.