Thursday, November 12, 2009

how could i forget?

wow. i knew i was forgetting a countdown yesterday....

addison gets her helmet off in 18 days! i can't believe it. it really has flown by. i'm so excited to get to see her hair all day long. i can't wait to put bows in her hair, put hats on her head, pull her hair into little pony tails, and whatever else i can do with her hair!

i'm so glad the helmet has been successful, and i just love addison's perfect head.

what i'm not really looking forward to is addison hitting her head, like she does now, just without the helmet. because i'm sure she isn't going to like it as much. but i'm sure she'll be fine. i think she knows when she has her helmet off, because she's usually a little more careful.

so, the countdowns now stand at:
new moon - 7 days
addison's birthday - 9 days
addison gets her helmet off - 18 days

can't wait!!

now i'm off to watch grey's anatomy, and possibly real housewives of orange county (if chris will let me). i just love my shows!