Saturday, November 14, 2009

friday the 13th

well, i didn't even realize that yesterday was friday the 13th until everyone started talking about it. i wasn't really worried that my day would go bad this year. i really didn't care.

and the best part day was great! i already knew that my american history class wasn't going to meet, so i was going to get out of school an hour early. but when i got to school, the science building had a gas leak and was blocked off. i was hoping it would stay blocked off until my biology class (which is my second class of the day) so that it would be cancelled.

and it was!! so i went home 2 hours early. i only had one class yesterday! woo hoo!

so i got home early and i was able to just relax, clean, do a load of laundry, and knock out some homework.

chris had to close last night, so my mom was going to come over and hang out with me and addison for a little bit. she went shopping, and while she was still shopping i decided to text my friend krysta to see if she wanted to come over. krysta has a little girl, kynlee, who is 2 months older than addison. they came over and it was a lot of fun. kynlee has always been doing things, like walking and crawling, before addison. so all the other times that we would get together, kynlee would be all over the place and addison would just sit in her one spot. but this time they were actually able to play with each other.

as soon as they got to the house, kynlee went over and picked out a toy to play with. i still can't believe how good she is at walking.

krysta said that kynlee has 8 teeth. wow! i couldn't believe it. i was only able to see her bottom 2 teeth though. kynlee shows hers off, while addison likes to keep hers hidden.

they were so good playing with each other. it was so cute.

kynlee gave one of the blocks to addison.....

and addison graciously accepted.

kynlee is a lot of fun. she's such a sweet baby. kynlee is all over the place, but she's really good. it's funny seeing the difference between her and addison. addison is pretty chill and kynlee wants to do something all the time.

addison would follow kynlee around. maybe addison will pick up on walking now that she's seen how easily kynlee does it.

it's so hard for me to believe that addison and kynlee are only 2 months apart. but i know once they get older, they will both be the same size and doing the same things. i can't wait to watch them both grow up!

we definitely need to get our little girls together more often. they play together so well. and it's nice to hang out with another mommy.

oh, and my mom did come over after she got done shopping. and to make my friday the 13th even better, she surprised me with a new pair of shoes! i had been wanting a pair of grey converse, and she got them for me! she also got addison some absolutely adorable new clothes. and a pair of pink converse for her to wear on her birthday. can't wait!

5 more days until new moon
7 more days until addison's 1st birthday
16 more days until addison gets her helmet off