Tuesday, November 10, 2009

backpack baby

if you haven't read about my mom's addiction obsession love of yard sale shopping, i'll fill you in quickly.

my mom loves to shop at yard sales!

and i don't really mind. she's bought a ton of toys for addison for dirt cheap. and we just wash them off and addison loves them.

i don't remember when my mom got the backpack for addison, but we (and when i say we, i mean my mom) didn't start using it until recently. my mom brought the backpack over a few weeks ago and took addison for a walk in it. addison seemed to like it. my mom wished we had taken the backpack to the zoo. me, not so much. not that i'm embarrassed by the backpack, but it's just kind of weird.

the other night when chris was closing at work, my mom came over and we took addison for a walk. my mom actually got another backpack that is better than the first one. she is planning on selling the first one, so we won't have 2 backpacks. i took the opportunity to take some pictures :)

after we got back, tybee wanted some loving and cuddled up with my mom and addison.

and i was able to get a picture of addion's TWO teeth!! as you can tell, she's not too fond of having other people's fingers in her mouth.