Monday, November 9, 2009

i hate bugs!!

i don't know what's going on!! i've had to kill a ton of wasps these past few weeks.

and i can't stand bugs!

i just get all freaked out if i see a bug. some bugs don't bother me, but most do. and wasps sting, so i just had to kill the ones that came in our house. they're flying through the chimney and coming into the house. i think i'm going to get some spray to use in the fireplace tonight when i go to target.

speaking of target, i'm going tonight to get addison some birthday presents. and to get some other things. she's going to be with me, but she'll never know. i'm just going to get the one big thing chris and i are getting for her, and then i'll probably wait until chris can go with me to get the other stuff. i don't want him to feel left out!

i haven't written in what seems like forever. it's not that i've been busy, i've just been doing stuff. i've had some homework, been cleaning, and just relaxing. and playing with addison a lot. which is my favorite thing to do. i just love her. she's such a cute, fun little baby. i can't believe how big she's getting.

i'm so excited about her birthday party. it's just 2 1/2 weeks away! i mailed the invitations last thursday, and i'll post a picture of them soon. they're so cute! my mom ordered addison a cute dress for her to wear on her big day too! we just have to figure out a few of the small details now.

today i signed up for my classes for next semester. i signed up for biology (it's the second class, which is a continuation of the one i'm in now. and i got a different teacher since the one i have now is horrible), american literature, a computer class (i just wanted a class that i would really enjoy since i'm not really into the classes i'm having to take), and i needed an online class, so i'm also taking keyboarding. i figured that would be pretty easy. i mean, i can type obviously. and the classes i'm taking are on tuesday and thursday, instead of monday, wednesday, and friday. tuesday/thursday was the only days they're offering the biology class i need, so i had to take it then. and i just found another class to fit in there with it. the computer class is a hybrid class, so it meets 2 nights a month and the rest is done online. i'm excited about it.

and i also put in my graduation application today! so hopefully i'll have my associates next spring! i just want to have it so i'll have something to fall back on if something happens and i can't go to school any more. which i don't think will happen, but it's just good to have. i'm planning on going to Belmont next fall, and getting my bachelors degree from there.

i only need biology and american literature in order to get my associates from vol state, but i have to have 12 hours to be a full time student. and i have to be a full time student to get insurance. so that's why i had to take a few extra classes. but that's ok. they shouldn't be that bad.

i think that's all that's been going on these past few days. it's a bunch of random stuff, but i think i covered it all! i'm sure i left out something, but i can't think of anything else at the moment....

i'm still working on making my blog all pretty! hopefully it'll be all done soon!