Thursday, November 5, 2009

i may not be a chef, but i can still cook!

last night i made dinner for me and chris. i actually made dinner. not like making pasta out of a box, which i do still consider as making dinner. but i made dinner. like, i chopped and stirred and all that fun stuff.

chris and i decided that we needed to start eating more at home and less at restaurants. we were just wasting too much money. so we went to the grocery store tuesday night and got a bunch of food. i tried to be good and use coupons and get stuff that was on sale. but i'm not that good at it. i did save $25, but we spent $135. i was still kind of proud. hopefully i'll be able to start saving more and more.

we got a bunch of food for all different kinds of meals. we got stuff for pizza, mexican, pasta, and some other stuff.

let me just go ahead and say...i love mexican food.

i love love love it. i could eat it every day. yummm.

before i go on, i must tell you. i'm a very picky eater. i don't eat much meat. i only eat chicken tenders/nuggets (i don't eat anything on a bone. i just think it's nasty), bologna, and hot dogs. i do eat some turkey, but not much. yes i know, bologna and hot dogs are made from nasty stuff. but i still like them. and i absolutely hate mushrooms. eww. they make me gag. seriously. apparently, i did like them when i was young. but i hate them now. so the only things i really eat at home are either sandwiches, pasta (either pasta roni or noodles with tomato sauce), soup, or baked potatoes. not a very wide range of food. and chris is always trying to make me branch out, so we bought stuff at the grocery store that we usually get when we go out to eat.

so, last night was mexican night. who would've thought??

i was so proud of myself. i made rotel dip (minus the meat) and quesadillas. i chopped up an onion and a bell pepper and sauteed them. i put those in the quesadilla along with some cheese. and they were so good. i didn't think that they would be that good. but they were. i was thinking about taking pictures, but i really didn't think they would turn out as good as they did. i will next time though!

i just had to share....

addison isn't really doing much, if you don't count pulling up on anything much. i'm kind of used to it now. she just crawls over to something, which is sometimes me, and pulls up. she hasn't started walking yet, but i think it might be soon.

i haven't taken many pictures these past few days, so i decided to take some this afternoon. i was able to capture addison standing up.

of course tybee had to get in the picture. he hopped up on his ottoman and just laid there. i made him get down because he was making it hard for addison to stand there. he just wanted some attention.

she tries to crawl up whatever she's standing on. she hasn't quite made it yet though. she just gets on her tippy toes and i guess she thinks that will launch her up. but it doesn't. it's pretty cute though.

i just had to include a picture of addison's adorable shoes. they match her helmet sticker! i love them!