Sunday, November 29, 2009

the big day...hopefully

tomorrow is the big day. hopefully.

it's addison's (hopefully) last appointment with dr. kelly.

last time she went, he said that the next time he saw her would be the last time. i'm hoping that's true!

chris is taking addison to see dr. kelly in the morning (i can't since i have school). i've gotten pretty excited thinking that today is the last day addison is going to have to wear her helmet. my mom ordered her a ton of hairbands (seriously. a ton. like 1 of each color a ton). i can't wait to see her curly blonde hair every waking moment. running my fingers through it, putting hats, hairbands, and hairbows in her hair. i mean, that's one of the fun things about having a girl, right?


i'm kind of scared that dr. kelly is going to say addison needs to wear her helmet a little longer. so i've mentally prepared myself for that. if she does have to wear it longer, i will be really sad. but i'll get over it. i'm just hoping hoping hoping she gets it off tomorrow.

i guess we'll just have to wait and see!

but, hopefully, today will be the last day i see my little girl with her helmet on.....

*if you follow me on twitter (or don't, but want to know up to date info), i'll be updating the status of her helmet tomorrow. you can click on my left sidebar to follow me!


Valerie said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for her!

bailey said...

thanks! i'm really hoping tomorrow is the day!