Tuesday, November 24, 2009

one year appointment

this afternoon i took addison to her one year appointment. i knew she was going to have to get shots, so i asked my dad to come with me. the last time addison had to get shots, i took her by myself. that didn't work out so well.

that time, she was 3 months old maybe? i don't remember how old she was. but i had to take her by myself because chris was working. she got her shots, and screamed and cried for a long time after. and i was stressed about it and i got in the car and just cried too. so that's why i asked my dad to come with us this time.

addison is a healthy baby. she weighs 21 lbs 11.5 oz, which is in the 60th percentile. she is 29.5 inches long, which is in the 75th percentile. and she has a big head, 18.5 inches, which is in the 90th percentile.

her doctor said that she looks great. i can start giving her whole milk and need to start getting her to take a sippy cup (she doesn't like them now, but hopefully she will soon). and she can start eating more table foods and less baby canned food.

he also said to lay off the orange/yellow veggies for a little while because she has a orange/yellow hue to her skin due to a lot of those color veggies. haha. i thought it was pretty funny. he said she would've looked pretty good for halloween. so i guess i'll start buying green stuff.

addison had to have some blood drawn from her finger and 2 shots. they drew the blood first, and addison could have cared less. she just sat there and looked at the girl. then they put a huge bandaid on her tiny finger.

she left, and a few minutes later another nurse walked in. addison was laying down with her paci, and she gave her the shots. the paci came out and addison screamed and cried. my dad held her for a minute and she calmed down a little. i put her pants on and gave her her paci and she was ok after a few more minutes. she did really good.

when we got home, addison crawled around for a little bit. she pulled the bandaid off, and i found it and threw it away. i looked at her finger and it didn't seem to be bleeding so i didn't put anything on it. i played with her for a little bit, and then i looked and i had blood on me. apparently her finger was still bleeding. so i put a bandaid on it and now she's in her crib.

she has been a little fussy in her crib, but she's quiet now. so hopefully that means she went to sleep!

i still can't believe my baby is 1!