Thursday, November 19, 2009

omg. OMG. OMG!!!!

tonight is the night!! i'm so excited!!

i went to get tickets a while ago, and i was kind of scared they would be sold out. at the theater by my house, they have 5 showings of new moon tonight. 3 @ 12:01 and 2 @ 12:10. i ended up getting tickets for the 12:10 because the 12:01 showings were almost sold out. i went back monday to get 2 more tickets for other people that wanted to go...

so tonight we're meeting up at 9. yes, 9. which is 3 hours before the movie starts. but we're meeting at a restaurant by the theater and we're going to eat dinner and just hang out until we want to go get in line.

i asked the girl that works at the theater what time she thought we should get there. she said that for harry potter, people started lining up an hour and a half before the movie. so we are going to just wait at the restaurant until people start lining up, and then go get in line. hopefully we will be able to sit together!!

i'm so excited, as you can tell. i'll let you know in the morning how the movie was! but i'm sure it'll be great!!