Sunday, November 22, 2009

bonding time

my mom and i haven't always been as close as we are now. we were always kind of close. but now we are really close. i love hanging out with my mom and talking to her. i'm glad she's so close and i get to see her as much as i do. i see her at least 4 days a week, whether it's when i take addison to her house so i can go to the gym, or shopping on the weekend, or her coming over here and hanging out.

having that said, my mom will probably kill me if/when she sees this. she didn't want her picture taken in the first place, but i took some anyways. so if i turn up dead, you know who did it :) only kidding!!

friday, my mom came over and we made cupcakes. lots of cupcakes.

we made 2 boxes of yellow and 2 boxes of chocolate. yes, that's 96 cupcakes. but we didn't actually bake 96. we only baked 36. we made ours extra large, and ended up throwing some of the batter away. of course we had to taste some of the batter to make sure it was ok. i love brownie and cake batter. i really love brownie batter (the homemade stuff) and the yellow cupcake batter was pretty good too.

having a mixer makes life so much easier. my arm didn't get tired at all. we just had to clean the bowl and whisk a few times, and that was it. just throw whatever in there and turn it on.
we had to bake 4 different batches, so it took about an hour and a half to get them all baked.

don't they look so good?? and they're so big. giant cupcakes!!

we also made all the icing friday night. we made 3 different colors. pink, yellow, and blue. those were some of the colors we used for addison's decorations. the icing was pretty tasty. i've never really had cream cheese icing, but that stuff is pretty good. not as good as chocolate icing, but still pretty good.

the cupcakes were a hit, but i still have a fridge full of them. i guess we made a little too many. i took some to my grandmother this morning, and gave some to my dad too. chris is going to take some to work tomorrow, and hopefully his coworkers will eat the rest.

i promise i'll post some pictures from her party soon! i've been kind of busy this weekend, and today i've had a lot of homework, laundry, and cleaning that had to get done. hopefully i can post them by tuesday!!