Tuesday, November 3, 2009

helmet update and much more

addison had an appointment with Dr. Kelly yesterday for her helmet. chris had to take her since i had school. the last time chris took her, which i wrote about here, Dr. Kelly was impressed at how addison's head was shaping. he thought she would only have her helmet a few more months.
when chris took her yesterday, i didn't think she would get it off. which she didn't. but i did think she would have it off by christmas.

and she will!

her next appointment will be her last one! i'm so excited. i can't wait for her to get her helmet off. it's not like i don't like it, i just miss seeing her little head and her pretty blonde hair. and she can wear cute hats and bows. yay!

our halloween was pretty anticlimactic. we just stayed home and gave out candy. my dad came over for a while, and so did my mom. we had a few friends over too. we had a good amount of trick-or-treaters. some i thought were too old to be trick-or-treating, but i still gave them candy.
this year, we bought 3 pumpkins. i was going to carve the big one and paint to 2 smaller ones. well, i didn't really have much time to do all that. i had a lot of homework and other things to do, so i wasn't even going to carve a pumpkin. but my mom dogged me and told me i needed to, so i did. it wasn't anything special, just something quick. i usually try to do something elaborate, but not this year. the small ones just stayed plain, but they're cute and i will probably keep them out until thanksgiving as decorations.

addison got dressed up for a little bit, and we took some pictures of her by the pumpkin. she didn't really know what to think about it.

chris wanted to look like he dressed up, so he stole addison's skunk tail. he didn't keep it there long though.

my friend blair brought her little boy, caden, over for a little bit. he was a turtle. he's just 2 months older than addison, but he's walking already. he's such a cutie! and he has 5 teeth already!

we took addison's costume off after a little while because she was getting hot. she wore her halloween shirt after that, along with a lovely diaper as pants.
she is pulling up on everything! seriously. she will try to climb up me, tybee, chris, the wall. just about anything she can put her hands on, she tries to climb. she's standing up like a pro now. still not walking, but she probably will be soon. she fell yesterday, which makes me glad she has a helmet. hopefully by next month when she gets her helmet off, she won't be falling anymore.

addison played while the boys watched football. and the girls handed out candy and took pictures.

addison decided she wanted to help me hand out candy. she was playing and when i went to the door, she followed.

sunday i put up all the halloween decorations. i wish i could keep them out longer, but i needed to put them up. but it's so close to christmas now! i decorate like crazy for christmas.

addison's birthday party is coming together finally. the invitations have been printed and i'm going to send them out tomorrow (hopefully). now i just need to get decorations, get a cake, and figure out what she's going to wear! i still need to get her some presents, but i'm going to do that soon.

as for me, i'm still feeling sick. benadryl made me feel better sunday, but i took it last night and i still feel sick. my throat doesn't hurt anymore, but my nose is stuffy and i have drainage. yuck! hopefully this will pass soon.