Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my thanksgiving

this thanksgiving, we stayed in town and went to my mom's house. keith (chris's brother), leighann (keith's girlfriend), and lane (keith and leighann's son) stayed at our house the night before and headed to chris's mom's house thanksgiving morning. we didn't go since chris's dad was in town, and we thought it would just be easier to stay in town.

i was able to take a few pictures of addison and lane playing on thanksgiving morning. they were pretty funny.

i was surprised lane stayed sitting for a while. he is walking, and doesn't really like sitting down. he'd rather be running around. but he and addison sat and stared at each other for a while.

then addison decided to get all in his face. not sure what she was doing. maybe going after his paci?

i took addison to my mom's before her morning nap, so she could sleep there. chris and his dad were going to hang out at the house for a little bit before they headed over. chris's dad make a ham for thanksgiving, so they had to wait for it to be done.

i put addison down for her nap a little after we got to my mom's. and she wasn't having it. she just screamed. she usually goes down really well, but thanksgiving was the first day of her not wanting to sleep days. i wrote about the most recent of those days yesterday. so, since she wasn't napping, she just hung out with me and my mom while we were cooking some stuff for thanksgiving dinner (which was at 1:30 in the afternoon).

my granny was bringing the turkey, stuffing, and a few other things. so we didn't have to make that much. chris had requested we make mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. so we i did. i figured i would make it so i would know how to in the future. you know, because i'm a great girlfriend and would make it if chris wanted it.

we had to put it in the fridge until we baked it. i don't have a picture of the finished product, but this was it in the fridge.

this is the finished mashed potatoes. they were pretty yummy. especially after i put a lot of butter on them (i love butter).

addison enjoyed some thanksgiving food too. she had some turkey, mashed potatoes, some roll, sweet potatoes, and probably more.

she did finally take a little nap that afternoon. but it was only for an hour.

during that hour, we were able to play a game of scrabble. whenever my cousins markie and liz come to town, we always play games. and scrabble is our game of choice. even though i'm not very good at it. liz didn't come this time, but my aunt lisa played with us.

needless to say, i lost. but i would have come in 2nd if my uncle mark hadn't come and helped lisa. he gave her some words that got her a lot of points.

chris and his dad decided to opt out of scrabble, and watched a movie instead.

after addison got up, my cousin markie played with her. she was pretty funny with him.

thanksgiving was a lot of fun. kind of stressful because addison wouldn't sleep, but i was still really glad i got to see some of my family. and we got a ton of leftovers that were quite yummy :)
hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and ate a lot of yummy food!


Valerie said...

Glad you had a great thanksgiving and your little one got her helmet off!!