Wednesday, December 2, 2009

update: addison's sleeping!!

i'm guessing what happened sunday night isn't going to occur again. or at least isn't going to be a habit.

monday night, we tried to keep her up a little later than usual to make sure she was really tired. but she was already really tired by bedtime, so we put her down at the usual time. and she went right to sleep. yay!!

yesterday, she did great napping. she was kind of fussy while she was awake, but i think it might be because she is teething. i know she's getting at least one more tooth, because i can see it. it'll be her 3rd bottom tooth.

last night, i put her down at her normal time. i read her a book in her room before i put her in her crib. she really liked it. and then she went to sleep.

i'm so glad she's sleeping like normal again. hopefully this will last, and her not sleeping incident won't occur again (or at least not for a long time).

although addison has been sleeping these past 2 nights, i can't seem to get enough sleep. i've been so tired these past 2 mornings. i just want to sleeeeep. but once i'm finished with this semester, i won't have to get up early :)

only 2 more weeks and i will be DONE! only 5 more days of actual class, and then 2 days of exams. yipppeee!!

oh, and i'll definitely be posting some pictures of helmet-free addison soon!!