Thursday, December 3, 2009

helmet-less addison

isn't she so cute?

no, she's not giving you the bird. she hasn't learned that yet.
but it is pretty funny, isn't it? :)

she's showing off her teeth. all 3 of them! which are all on the bottom.
her 3rd tooth cut just the other day. and i think her top 2 are coming in too....

she was laying on the floor watching tv. (wheel of fortune, i believe).

she was getting a little fussy before bath time, so we went for a wagon ride.

she loves riding in her wagon...

and tybee was following us all around the house.

look at those baby blues :)

i'm so glad addison's helmet is finally off! it's still weird for me to see her without it all the time, but it's a good change. she doesn't mind having hair bows in her hair, but she doesn't like headbands. hopefully that'll change...


Judi said...

Always cute, only now I can see more of her. Precious!