Sunday, December 27, 2009

birthday and other things

today is my mom's birthday!

happy birthday mom!!

i love you so much and couldn't have a better mom. hope you have a wonderful day!!

we're going out to lunch with my mom and granny for my mom's birthday today. my mom picked the restaurant, and she chose red lobster. if you know me, you know that i'm a really picky eater, and i hate seafood. but my mom got to choose, and so we're going. but chris is really excited, because he loves red lobster. lucky.


if you haven't noticed, i gave my blog a makeover. i'm still working on a few things for it, and need to change a few things, but hopefully that will be done today.

hope you like it!

i'm going to start designing blogs as a side job. i've been thinking about it a lot, and it's great for me. it's a great stay at home job!

i haven't started the design blog yet, but that's on my todo list for monday. so, by monday night, it'll be all set up and i'll be ready to go!

there's a link to my design blog right under my header (the one that says design blog), and also one in my left sidebar. easy access!!

i'll let you know when i get the design blog up and running, and i'll be taking ordering immediately! if you just can't wait until i get the design blog up and running, you can email me and i can give you my rates.

i'm so excited to get started, and there will be an extra benefit to my blog readers when i do open shop :)



Valerie said...

Love the new blog design!! So excited about your new business too :)

bailey said...

thanks! can't wait to start on yours! hopefully i'll get started by wednesday, and have it all done by the weekend :)