Tuesday, December 15, 2009

santa?! i know him!!

oh, elf.

i love that movie so much. it's actually on right now. and i'm listening to it. i laugh every time. i think it's one of my favorite movies.

yesterday, we took addison to see santa. it was quite exciting. and expensive {why are pictures so expensive?}

here is the dress i made her! with the help of my mom...

isn't she just the cutest? i think so. i know so. she has gotten so big.

we went to opryland hotel to see all of the decorations and see santa. chris and i went a few years ago to see the lights, and it was so pretty. we went during the day this time, so we didn't really get to see the lights. but it was still really pretty.

addison enjoyed it. she likes going places and seeing new things. and everyone thought she was just so cute! oh, and the bow and headband didn't make it very far. we were walking outside to opryland, and the headband was gone. so chris retraced our steps and found it. needless to say, we left it off for the rest of the time, except when she was getting her picture with santa.

i can't believe her eyes are so blue. so pretty! i'm jealous.

and finally, the picture of addison with santa. she wasn't happy, but she wasn't crying. this is a picture of the picture. that's why it isn't great quality. but she still looks super cute. hopefully she'll always like getting her picture taken with santa!