Wednesday, December 23, 2009

look what i found!

i was going to record addison eating her banana this morning, because it's just so funny, but the camera was dead.

so, of course, i charged it for later use.

addison has started making this really goofy face while she eats. it is the funniest thing ever. my dad and i went to lunch today, and addison made that face many times while we were there. she had her first cheese quesadilla, and was just so excited.

i was looking at the camcorder while addison was eating, and i found this video. it made me laugh. addison was just starting to sit up on her own, and she was so cute! she still is, but look how small she is! kinda chubby, but still smaller than she is now :)

back to the funny face. i did catch it on video. she isn't doing it as much as she normally does it, but maybe i'll be able to catch her tomorrow. i still think it's hilarious!