Tuesday, December 8, 2009

next week can't come soon enough

wow. my days are suddenly messed up. and i think it's because i'm ready for this semester to be over. so it's wishful thinking on my part.

i got so excited because i thought today was thursday and tomorrow was friday. but i'm a few days off.

but i only have 2 days left of class! and then 2 days of exams. and my exams aren't really exams. they are just tests. so it won't be very hard.

good news though...tomorrow is my last day of lab! we have a test, so i shouldn't even be there for the whole 2 hours. yay!

my last exam is next wednesday, and then i'll be going to florida on thursday or friday!!

my cousin, liz, and her husband, sam, are going home for christmas. they both lived in gainesville, which is also where my aunt and uncle live. liz got a job as a professor at a college in alaska, so they moved there.

wow, i can't imagine moving from florida to alaska. that would have been tough.

but since they're going home, which is a whole lot closer than alaska, we're going to see them! it's going to be me, addison, my mom, and my granny. 4 generations of girls. how fun!

we're either going to leave thursday night, stay in atlanta and go the rest of the way friday, or just go the whole way friday. but i think leaving thursday would be better. we'll see.

this will be the first road trip addison has ever been on. we'll see how it goes. i'm sure she'll do great though. she's always been good in the car.

we aren't staying very long. just the weekend. but i'm excited to see everyone. and they get to see addison with her helmet off!

chris isn't going with us because he can't get off work. i'm sure he would have loved to go though. i can't wait to be in the warm weather!

and since today is cold, nasty, and really rainy, florida is looking real good.

now it's time for me to go get ready. i have to take addison somewhere today. of course, the one day we have to go somewhere is the day it's pouring and cold. yippee!!