Saturday, December 5, 2009

perfect timing

addison's helmet couldn't have come off at a more perfect time.

let me explain...

since she turned 1, we've been feeding her finger foods instead of baby food in jars. she had been eating some finger food snacks, like her yogurt melts and puffs. but no meals.

and let me just tell you, finger foods are messy. like really messy. kind of gross messy. if she still had her helmet, it would be nasty. she would have food all in it. and since i have to change addison's clothes more, it's easier not having to take the helmet off, change her, then put it back on.

but she has to eat grown-up food now. she's not a baby any more.

i've been having a hard time finding a wide variety of foods to feed her, though. with the jars, i would just grab them and not really think about it. i wouldn't give her the same thing twice in one day, but the next day i would give her the same things all over again.

now, i feel bad if she eats the same meals a few times a week.

i've tried mixing things up, but i still run out of options.

here are some of the things i've been feeding her:
chicken nuggets (not from fast food restaurants. the frozen ones)
slices of turkey
grilled cheese
green beans
green peas

i think that's it. it seems like a lot, but she gets at least 3 of those in one meal.

does anyone have any suggestions of what else i could feed her? she only has 2 teeth. she's got 2 or 3 more coming in, but she can't really chew that much. so i'm hesitant to give her certain things.

oh, and yesterday i made a big mistake in feeding her. not serious mistake, but a messy, gross mistake.

i made mac and cheese thursday night, and put the left overs in the fridge. i decided it would be good to let addison eat some yesterday for lunch.

well, i just put it on her tray and mushed it up a bit, and let her pick it up and feed herself.

big mistake.

she had it in her hair, all over her clothes, all over her body. it was gross. and it took forever to clean up. never again.

i've learned my lesson. there are some things she can feed herself, and some things i need to feed her.

after christmas, i'm going to have a big surprise...get excited!!


Valerie said...

oh man! that's funny about the mac-n-cheese! it sounds like you have a good variety for her!

Amanda said...

I wish you had taken a picture. Mom said I did that with everything I ate. Hopefully the baby doesn't take after me. And I want to know the surprise!

Ashley said...

Addison is so cute. So, So cute!!