Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

hi! welcome to my home! i took a lot of pictures of my christmas decorations, just so you know. i just couldn't leave anything out! well, except my wreath. i forgot to take a picture of it, and now i'm too lazy to. maybe next year!

last year was the year i got most of my christmas decorations. i didn't have anything of my own, so i got all new stuff! i love shopping, so it was just so much fun!

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

i love having a christmas tree. yes, it's fake. but it's still pretty. and it just makes me so happy. we finally got a tree skirt, and there are presents under the tree!

of course i had to show a few of our presents under the tree. i finally wrapped everything last night. and i had to show off my beautiful bows. my mom taught me how to do a pretty bow a few years ago, and i make as many as i possibly can. i just think it makes presents look so much prettier!!

i guess we'll start with the stockings! we got 3 stockings last year from target, and i think they are so cute! i got the stocking holders from kohl's, and i really like them.

mr. snowman is holding up chris's stocking. i got one that was kind of manly. that was the best i could do :)

the star is holding up addison's stocking. i got her one that was really girly. i thought fuzzy and sequins were extremely girly. and i'm kind of jealous of her stocking.

my stocking is being held up by a christmas tree. i wanted a stocking that was cute and girly, but not really young girl looking. i think mine is really cute, and it's kind of like chris's. just pink!

here is our mantel. we don't have anything hanging above the fireplace yet, but i think it looks cute and christmasy. i think out little stuff snowmen are pretty cute, and they go really well up there!

on the tv stand, we have a little snowman doing the splits. poor guy. he doesn't seem to mind though. haha.

this is tybee's favorite decoration. it's a penguin on a sleigh that sings. my mom got it for us. tybee is deathly afraid of it. he freaks out when it starts singing. it is so funny!

we received this christmas globe last year as a gift. i think it's really cool. it's on our bookshelf, out of reach of our little explorer.

of course i wanted to get something to put on the front door! i love our little santa that tells us goodbye every time we leave (he doesn't really tell us goodbye. but i tell him!).

i found this at kohl's this year. i wanted something to put in the kitchen, and it looked perfect. i love seeing it.

i love having a christmas centerpiece on our kitchen table. we have some of these pretty ornaments on our tree, and i liked them so much i got more to use in our centerpiece. we also got a large snowflake to add something else in there.

oh, beanie babies. how cute are you? i don't know if you remember the beanie baby fad (ok, who doesn't remember it?). i had probably 3,249 of them. ok, maybe not that many. but i really had a lot. and i remember thinking maybe these things will be worth something when i'm older. nope! it was still fun though! and now i have these cute guys as decorations. they are little mini beanie babies. and i think they are as cute as can be!

i love this love thing. i bought it last year and i had no clue where i would put it. but i just knew i had to have it. do you ever do that? i do it a lot. but i always find homes for the things i buy! this thing is currently on my desk, so i'm actually looking at it now :) and i love it!

and how could i leave out the lovely christmasy smell of sparkling cinnamon? yum! we did have 2 christmas cookie candles going, but those are gone. we used those things right up! so now we have cinnamon, and i must smells so good!

i hope you enjoyed my christmas decorations! i know i do!

tomorrow chris and i are taking addison to see santa claus. i can't wait to see how she reacts. she didn't like him last year, but she was only a month old then. now she knows a little more. i'll be sure to show some pictures from our adventure!!


Jill said...

Found you through the Nester. Everything looks so cute! Merry Christmas!!!

Heather said...

I love your gift wrapping!! Everything is so beautiful! great job! MErry Christmas!

Destination Seaborn said...

Everything looks great! So colorful and playful...I love it! Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

Tina said...

Found you from the cute! I love all your snowmen decorations...I collect Santas.

Come by and visit me....

Cate said...

Hi there,

I've also found you via the Nester's blog. Very sweet decorating and I really love your bows. Could use a lesson myself :-)

Merry Christmas!


Valerie said...

I LOVE your decorations! You need to teach me how to do those bows!