Tuesday, December 29, 2009

botanical gardens

when we were in florida, we went to the botanical gardens. it was a really nice day (actually kind of cold for florida) and we decided it would be nice to walk around outside.

when we got inside, they had this sign in front of the gift shop. it read unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy! i thought it was so funny!

addison was excited to get outside and have stuff to look at. she likes exploring.

this cat followed us almost the whole way around the gardens. it was a really sweet cat. and when other people would come close to us, it would hiss. it was pretty funny.

they had these really colorful frogs that were going up the tree. so cute!

and, of course, an alligator. i mean, common. we were in florida!

here are the cousins (from left to right, liz, me, addison, and markie).

while we were there, i tried to take a lot of good pictures. i didn't use the flash, because i wanted to use the natural light. i thought these pictures looked really pretty...

we climbed in the bamboo. i had to squeeze in there. i was kind of scared it was going to fall on me, but it didn't!

they had a very pretty lake/pond that had these huge lily pads. more on that later. but liz got up on the bench, and i was positive markie was going to push her in the water. but he didn't. he tried though!

here are the giant lily pads. markie wanted to put addison on one, but i, of course, said no.

addison posed for a picture with markie...

they had a rose named bailey's red. i had to have a picture. something named after me :)

addison played with one of the ceramic frogs. i think she wanted to take him home.
i really liked this bridge that i took a picture of. i just think it's really cute!
now i'm off to paint with my mom for her birthday! adios!


Valerie said...

So cute! Your pictures are great!