Friday, December 11, 2009

sew fun

a few weekends ago, my mom and i raided joann fabrics. seriously, we (she) bought so much. i got a ton of yarn to knit/crochet with, we got enough fabric to make addison 2 pillowcase dresses, and my mom got stuff to make a santa for the front door at my house.

the fabric we got to make addison's dress is christmasy. see??? (is christmasy even a word? well it is now!)

so my mom brought her sewing machine over monday, and put me to work! i really haven't made anything, except for a few pillows in middle school. but my mom knows how to sew, and so i just listened to what she told me to do.

she's had her sewing machine for...let's just say for a while. i really don't know how long she's had it, but it's probably as old as me. i'm not that old though, right?

my mom bought addison a pillowcase dress for her to wear during her birthday party, and once i saw it i said "hey, we could totally make this!". and by we, i meant she (my mom). i knew that i could help, but i wouldn't be able to do it without my mom.

so, we did it. my mom measured and told me what and how much to cut. she helped me start sewing, and i was on my way to making my first pillowcase dress!

don't i look so happy? well, it really wasn't that hard. there was a hard part, but my mom did it. i don't think she would've let me do it if i had wanted to. i did mess up a few times, but i was able to recover.

i don't have any pictures of the completed dress. it is finished, but we didn't get ribbon for the bows, which hold the dress on. so my mom is getting some ribbon, and once we get that done, i'll post a picture!

hopefully we'll make the other dress, and you can see both of them! it was really a lot of fun, and i think i want to learn more and start sewing. we'll see if i actually do it!


Valerie said...

SEW CUTE!! hee hee!

I want to see final results!