Thursday, December 17, 2009


today, my mom and i are leaving for florida. addison is coming along, too!

chris couldn't get off work, so it's just the 3 girls. my granny was supposed to come along too, but she decided she didn't want to. we tried to talk her into coming, but she just wanted to stay home. but it's still going to be 3 generations traveling!

we're leaving in a few hours, and will probably stop at some point for the night. then we'll finish our trip tomorrow. we won't be gone very long. coming home on sunday.

i can't wait to see everyone! i got to see my uncle mark, aunt lisa, and my cousin mark at thanksgiving. but i haven't seen liz since this summer, and i haven't seen her husband, sam, in a long time.

i'm taking the good camera, so i'll take a lot of really good pictures!

i'll be MIA while i'm gone, but i'll probably update my status some on twitter. you can follow me and see what we're up to!

hope everyone has a great weekend! and only 8 more days until christmas!!


The Pollans said...

Hope you girls have a blast, BE CAREFUL!