Monday, December 21, 2009

addison's first road trip

the road trip went like this...

we left home around 2:30. our plan was to drive as far as we could (preferably getting past atlanta), and stop to spend the night. then we were going to finish the drive on friday.

we made it past atlanta, and stayed about an hour outside of atlanta thursday night. addison did alright in the car. my mom drove the whole time, and i went between the front and back seat. addison didn't like riding in the dark, and didn't take an afternoon nap. but she did sleep a little around 7, and i didn't really care. she was quite and happy, so i was fine with it.

we stopped and got subway for dinner, and addison had a little kids meal. she really liked it. she pigged out at the hotel, and then it was time for bed. we got a crib from the hotel, and addison hated it. she just screamed when i put her in it. so she slept in bed with my mom and i. she just crawled around between us and all over us until she got tired. then she passed out.

she had a big breakfast at the hotel friday morning, then we were on the road again. she actually took a morning nap (yay!) and then we stopped for lunch. and we finally got to gainesville around 4. it took us a little longer than we expected, but it was worth it!

addison was anxious to get out of the car and crawl around. so that's just what she did as soon as we got there! we took her pants off because they were getting in her way, and she decided to try to eat them...

here is addison with sam, liz's husband. he put his hat on her head, and she liked it. by the time i got the camera to take a picture, she was over it.

my cousin liz and sam, were going to visit some of their friends. they invited us, and we took addison, too, because their friends had a baby around her age. the baby was asleep by the time we got there, but another baby came. the little girl was 6 months old, and addison was fascinated. she poked her a lot. it was pretty funny. and harlow (i think that's how you spell her name) didn't really appreciate it. we got pizza on the way home, and that's what addison had before bedtime. she went to sleep so well in her pack and play. i was really impressed. and she slept all night long.

saturday, we just hung out all morning and my uncle mark made breakfast. my cousin markie drove in from jacksonville to see it. we went to lunch after addison woke up from her nap, and then we went to the botanical gardens. it was so nice to just walk around outside. i took a ton of pictures, and addison really enjoyed it. it was nice to just hang out with everyone.

that night, we played some games. we always play games when we get together. we went to toys r us and got pictionary and the game of things.

before game time, addison played a little.

we had a nice big board to draw our lovely pictures on...
liz and sam set up the game board....

...and markie read the instructions. he made sure everyone was there so he didn't have to read them twice :)
needless to say, the boys won. our playing really scared addison, though. we were yelling pretty loud, and she started crying. i felt so bad for her. so we tried to keep it down. we finished the game and then she went to bed.

we played the game of things after she went to bed, because it was a lot quieter. it was so much fun! i really suggest you go buy it and play it with your family!

we left yesterday morning at 10:30, and got home around 7:30. addison did a whole lot better on the way home than on the way there. she took an awesome morning nap, and then was fine the rest of the way. well, except for when i drove. i was going to drive the rest of the way after we stopped in chattanooga, but addison screamed and cried the whole time. so i pulled off into a gas station and took her out, and she was fine. my mom drove the rest of the way, and i sat in the back with addison. she took a little nap, and then we were home!

i'll post some pictures of our trip to the botanical gardens soon!