Friday, December 4, 2009

our christmas tree(s)

last christmas was the first christmas when i didn't live at home with my parents. of course i still wanted a christmas tree. i love christmas, and love decorating for it.

when i lived with my mom, she had 3 christmas trees (now 4) and i would always help her decorate them. she had the main one in the living room, a really tall one in the foyer, and a snowman tree in the playroom upstairs.

my dad wasn't really into the christmas tree thing. imagine that. :) so i got him a small 4 ft tree and some ornaments and put it up at his house when i was still staying over there every other weekend. but now that i'm not, it doesn't get put up. so i think i'm going to steal it and use it for myself. i mean, it's not getting any use there! i will give him some credit though. last year, he had a cardboard christmas tree.

my mom and i always put our christmas trees up on black friday. well, last year, black friday was only a week after i had addison. chris and i didn't have a tree, and we didn't have ornaments either. so my mom let me pick some out and she ordered some from kohls (she LOVES kohls). then on black friday, i ventured out with my week old baby and my mom and i went to a christmas decoration store. it really wasn't crowded, and i was able to get a lot of really cute ornaments.

our apartment didn't really have much room for a tree, so the one my mom bought us is tall and skinny. but it's still really cute. and i really like it. it goes well in our house now, too.

we don't have a tree skirt yet, or a star to put on top. but i still really like it. i love having the christmas lights on. my mom suggested we put the tree in the dining room, and chris told her i wouldn't want to do that because i would want to see the tree all the time. and he was right. the dining room is empty, and the tree would have been better in there, but i like seeing it all the time. so, of course, it's in the living room :)

here are some of my favorite ornaments on our main tree. yes, i know. there are a lot of favorites....

i like the angel with the flute, because i used to play the flute. i thought it was really cute.

it says "baby's first christmas". it's really big, and super cute.

i love this little tree ornament. i think it looks really cool. i love polka dots!

chris loves penguins, for some unknown reason. so we got this for addison, and he liked it too :)

i didn't want addison to feel left out, so she has a tree too. my mom brought over the tree that used to be in my bedroom at her house. it's pretty big. i don't really turn it on in addison's room, but i still like it being in there.

my mom got a box of ornaments really cheap last year, so we used those on addison's tree.

so, there are our christmas trees. i think we'll have yet another one next year. my granny wants to downsize hers, and hers is brand new. she said i could have it, so we may put that one in the dining room.

i can't wait to show off our christmas decorations in a few weeks! i need to go buy more. you can never have enough christmas decorations!


The Pollans said...

Cute, cute!

Judi said...

Very pretty. I enjoy the fact that You enjoy Christmas trees! Cardboard? Now, there's an idea:)

Summer said...

What a cute tree and a cute little girl :0)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Too cute...I love looking at everyone's trees...Your pictures are great...Visit my holiday blog and you will find my trees among all the others we decorate...