Friday, January 18, 2013

mommy/daughter date night

a couple weeks ago, addison and i had a mommy/daughter date night.

it started with going to best buy to look at radios for my car. i haven't had a working cd player in 5 years, so it was a little overdo for a new one. my dad found one that actually doesn't have a cd player but has a usb hookup for my phone so it'll play and charge it. and it has bluetooth. so i went with that. and i LOVE it!

ok, so on to our date night.

addison went to best buy with my dad recently and she played the drums. so we did that after looking at radios. and she jammed out.

i may or may not have jammed out too. the drums are pretty cool!

after best buy, we headed to toysrus. my favorite store! joking. addison has a ton of gift cards and has been wanting a barbie movie, so i figured we could check there. she picked out two barbie movies. the princess and the popstar {which we've watch about 12312135234123 times} and a mermaid tale.

we finished the night with panera. whenever i ask addison what she wants for dinner, pretty much 99% of the time she requests panera mac and cheese. she's kinda in love with it.

she always gets the special cookies, and they just brought out the valentine's ones. so cute! and she was a little piggy and ate the whole thing. she didn't want to share, but i was able to steal a bite or two.

i love our little date nights. i'm looking forward to the many to come!