Tuesday, January 5, 2010

brrrrr...it's cold in here!

ok. so that was me remembering one of my favorite movies. do you know where that came from??

bring it on!!

not like bring it on for guessing, but bring it on the movie!

i used to love that movie. i still do, but i used to be kind of obsessed.

if i remember correctly, my dad bought it for me on DVD. it was the first DVD he bought...i think.

even if i'm wrong about that, i know i'm not wrong about this...

my friend faith and i watched that movie so many times that night. we learned the cheer that the clovers did. hahaha. i'm sure i still know it. actually, i know i still know it.

oh, i really do love that movie. and at the end, when they dance to oh, mickey, i dance too. just ask chris. i'll get up and sing and do the dance. because i know that one too.

well, even though it's a cheer from a movie, it's a true statement right now.

it's so cold! i'm curled up with a thick blanket. my wifi stopped working so i'm sitting in chris's chair so my laptop can be plugged into the internet. but that's ok. i'm still comfy :)

thursday we're supposed to get snow. yes, that's right. snow!

there's a winter storm watch from wednesday night until thursday afternoon. they say we'll get 2-4 inches of snow. we'll see about that.

i really do hope we get snow. i love snow. and we haven't had any this year. i don't really think we had any last year either. and addison could play in it (somewhat) this year.

we stocked up at the grocery last night, so if we get snowed in, we'll be ok for a while.

let me rephrase that. addison and i will be ok for a while. we don't mind staying at home and not going anywhere. chris on the other hand. well, he hates staying at home. we'll see how well he does if we're snowed in :)


Valerie said...

haha I liked that movie too when it came out.

They are predicting snow here too this week. Should be interesting.