Sunday, January 3, 2010

how have i been living without you?

oh, the joys of wireless internet.

when i was living at home, we had wireless internet. i could sit on my bed and play on my laptop. i could sit on the couch and play on my laptop.

it was great.

when chris and i were in the apartment, we had wireless internet. the only catch was that my laptop had to be charging the whole time it was on because the battery was horrible. so we weren't really wireless.

once we moved to our house, our wireless internet didn't work. i don't know why, and i spent at least 2 hours on the phone with AT&T trying to fix it. but it really wasn't that big of a deal, since the laptop was always on the desk and always had to stay plugged into the wall. we just kept the laptop plugged into the router, too.

my great dad got me a new computer right before i started classes last fall. we definitely didn't need wireless internet for that. so i really didn't worry about trying to fix it. i had internet on the computer, and that's all that i really cared about. i could still get on the laptop when it was plugged in the router, and i rarely ever even used it.

but since chris got me this cute little mini for christmas, i wanted our wireless internet to be fixed. i mean, what's the point in having a cute little mini (that has a battery that lasts) if you don't have working wireless internet? we're paying for it, so shouldn't we have it working? well, i certainly thought so.

my dad is really good with computer and techy things, so we got him to try and fix it. he came over yesterday and played with it, and it's now working! yay! we've been able to get it working for a short period of time, but nothing this long.

i'm so so so excited to have it working. i'm laying on the couch writing this post. it's very convenient. and i'm very lazy :)

i don't know how i have been living without wireless internet for the past 6 months, but now that i have it, i remember how much i loved it!!

on a side note, we went to the pet store today to look at doggie beds for tybee.

wow, dog beds are expensive. i think i might just make one for tybee.

while we were there, we were going to look at the cats they had. i love cats, and chris has been wanting one. who knows why. i don't really want one yet, but i really do love them. last night, i went to my friend's apartment and she has two cats. that really made me want one though. no bailey, you can't get a cat. we could go see the cats, though, because in that area they were having a dog training class. it was just with one dog, and it was a st. bernard puppy.

oh. my. gosh.

that dog was the cutest thing i've ever seen! besides my child.

i fell in love. i told chris i really wanted one. but i realized they get huge, and we really don't need one. but they are just so cute! maybe in a few years. probably never.