Thursday, January 21, 2010



i hate snoring.


a few years ago, i went on a trip with my dad to savannah. we were going to be there for a week, and the hotel room had a living room and a bedroom. i didn't even try sleeping in the bedroom because i knew my dad would snore all night long. my bed was the fold out couch.

that's how much i can't stand snoring.

i flew down to florida with my dad 2 years ago for the weekend. he had to go for work for the whole week, and he told me i could go with him for the weekend, so we flew down together and i flew back by myself. it was january, so of course i wanted to go! it was cold here, and warm in florida. duh! who wouldn't want to go? well, he snored extremely loud and i tried sleeping everywhere. i tried sleeping in the bathtub (which i had tried a previous time on a trip with him) and i think i ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. i was actually tempted to go sleep in the hall or on one of the couches in the lobby. but it was a really nice hotel and i think that would have been frowned upon.

that's how much i hate snoring!!

chris snores, but not as bad as my dad. i can tell him he's snoring and he won't start again for a while, which gives me plenty of time to fall asleep. once i'm asleep, i don't care if he snores. it's just the falling asleep part that i care about.

ear plugs don't work. i have to have a box fan going for me to fall asleep. i just have to have that constant noise. and snoring isn't one of those noises. i think ear plugs actually make it worse. i'll have them in and then i'll be listening for the snoring. it's really weird.

is snoring genetic?

well, i don't snore, so i didn't get that gene from my dad. but addison has started snoring. maybe she got it from chris.

i really don't think snoring is genetic, but it would be kind of funny if it was.

apparently addison's snoring has been bothering chris. imagine that. it doesn't bother me. i can't even hear it unless i'm in her room. chris uses ear plugs because he can't sleep with noise, and he claims to be able to hear everything. except his snoring, of course.

oh snoring. why must you exist??


The Pollans said...

ugh. snoring is the most annoying thing on earth. My husband used to have bruises for all the times I would reach over and shove him to quit snoring, sounds real nice, huh!? Then he had surgery for a deviated septum or some crazy term like that, and there hasnt been any bruises since. haha

Anonymous said...

I hate snoring, too. My dad snores really really loud and as I kid I could often hear it in my room that was across the hall from my parents room. It was awful. So, what do I do? Adopt two dogs that are half English Bulldog! Both of them snore, but oddly enough it doesn't bother me. Even though their crates are in my room right near the bed, their snoring never keeps me awake. I think it is at a different pitch that human snoring so I don't find it as annoying. Maybe Addison is just stuffed up, so she's only snoring temporarily? It's funny that your husband is bothered by it, though.

bailey said...

Jennifer - lucky! i'm so jealous you don't have to deal with snoring anymore. and i'm sure your husband is glad he isn't being punched anymore :)

Eyegirl - i can't imagine having to sleep through your dad's snoring. i was lucky enough to have my room across the house from my dad's, so i didn't have to hear the snoring. and my dog sometimes snores, too, and it doesn't really bother me. i never thought about it. and addison just sleeps on her stomach with her face kind of buried, so her snoring is just her breathing. she's a weird sleeper!

John said...

I'm a snorer. My wife will wake me when I get too loud. I have teenagers that are sometimes up too late and their trick is to only move when I snore. That way, they don't wake up Mom.

It can get better. I'm trying some exercises that seem to help. It's also better when I sleep on my side.

Good luck.