Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a tea party and lots of kisses

addison was in a very playful mood tonight. she walked around the house behind her shopping cart like a big girl. i'm so proud of her! i just know she's going to be walking all by herself soon.

after she was tired from walking, we had a tea party. actually, addison and chris had a tea party and i took the pictures!

addison didn't want to drink out of her teacup, but she did drink out of chris's!

she really wanted a refill. daddy answered the call...

yummmm...this tea is so tasty!!

oh, hell. i'm thirsty. i'll just drink it right out of the teapot...

she got bored with the tea party and moved on to destroying her toy bins. happens every day, all the time...

addison has really started giving kisses. it's so cute. she'll make the kiss noise and she'll actually give kisses. i got a few good pictures of her giving chris kisses.

after chris got a bunch of kisses, i wanted some too. chris isn't as good taking pictures as i am :) and addison was moving a lot, so some are kind of blurry. but i thought they were still really cute!

i love you addison! you're so sweet! even though you don't cuddle any more, you give the best kisses!