Saturday, January 2, 2010

getting things done

i'm so excited about designing blogs! i felt nervous at first, but now that i've done a couple, i'm really really loving it.

and i've had 3 people email me about designing their blogs. so excited!

chris has been really freaking out about all of the stuff we got for christmas. we got a ton of stuff. and they all need new homes.

chris usually just throws things away. i'm working on that. he piled my stuff up and told me i had to find a place for it. so i did.

i'm sure he put some stuff up in places that don't make sense for that item, but that's fine. i'll find some socks in a kitchen cabinet, or some jewelry in the tv stand. as long as it's not in the trash, it's pretty much ok with me.

my friend, mandy, came over today so i could help her design her blog. she's the one who taught me how to use photoshop. i was able to help her make a really cute design for her blog. i'm so happy. and it really didn't take me that long. which makes me feel good about designing blogs in the future.

one of chris's really good friends, james, came to town tonight. he recently joined the army and is on break for christmas. i haven't seen him in such a long time.

he was one of chris's roommates, and i saw him almost every day until chris and i moved in together. he's such a funny guy. i've really missed seeing him!

the boys just left to go play ping pong at bailey's. weird, huh? and i can't even get in there yet! because i'm not 21. but that will change in just a month (and a week).

i'm about to go get dressed and head out to hang with the boys. a few of my girlfriends are going to be there too, so i won't be the only girl :)