Saturday, January 30, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

well, the weather-people were right this time! we got a lot of snow yesterday!

it started snowing around 10 yesterday morning and really didn't stop until late last night.

chris had to work yesterday, but came home early due to the weather getting bad. after addison had lunch, we took her outside so she could see the snow. we didn't really bundle her up because she was outside for maybe 5 minutes. we weren't going to stay out very long.

chris tried to teach her how to eat snow, but she wasn't really catching on.

when we brought her back inside, she threw the biggest fit ever. seriously. she was screaming, crying, and kicking. she went to the door, stood up, looked outside, and cried. she wanted to go back out in the snow. it was like the wagon obsession all over again.

this morning we woke up to a lot of snow. well, maybe not a lot, but it was a lot for us. it doesn't really snow much here.

anyway, we bundled addison up and prepared to go play in the snow. she was excited and ready!
she looked like a puff ball outside. i didn't really want to put her in the thing chris got her because she couldn't really sit up in that. so i put her in this snowsuit my mom got her a while ago.

we tried to make her crawl around, but she just sat there.

of course i took some pictures of the snow covered street and everything outside...

so, addison's shoes started coming off while we were outside. we decided to were going to take her inside and change her into the thing chris got her, since it had feet and she wouldn't need shoes.

you know how i said she threw a fit when we brought her inside? see for yourself...

she wasn't upset to be going back out in the snow. she was upset that she was taken away from the snow. i laugh so hard when i see this picture.

chris gave addison some kisses in the snow...

another picture of the tree and snow...

chris thought it would be a good idea to take addison on a wagon ride. she had a lot of fun riding in the snow.

she cried and cried when i finally took her inside. poor girl. at least i won't really have to deal with it much since we don't get snow very often! but we sure do enjoy it when we get it!


Haley said...

aw that's so precious! I can't wait til Jacob Riley is old enough to play in the snow. Which by next year he'll be about the same age as Addison around this time. Ah! Exciting! :]