Monday, February 1, 2010

science SUCKS!

i'm not saying that everyone feels this way. but i certainly do. i know there are some people out there that love science and everything about it. obviously there are some people who love it because there are science classes and degrees and jobs. i'm kind of jealous of the fact that those people can understand science and really enjoy learning about it. because i can't! i'm so ready for this semester to be over because that means i'll never have to have another science class!!

i decided to take biology as my science, if you didn't know. i had biology and chemistry in high school, and i did the best in biology. it really wasn't bad. i made an A, but i didn't really learn much. i figured it would be my best bet in college, so that was the thought process behind taking biology.

i kind of wish i had taken it earlier with more of the people my age so i would have had friends in my class. but i got really lucky and met a few really cool girls in my class and we have the second biology class together, as well as our lab class.

last semester we had professor s (that's what i'll call him). oh. my. gosh. so horrible.

i'm the kind of student that can figure most things out even if i don't really understand them. science is something i just can't figure out. and professor s didn't make that any easier. we never ever used the $200 book that was required for the class. all we used were powerpoints that professor s would read to us during class. i really don't know why anyone went to class. we didn't learn anything. the only reason i went was to get my 2 points of extra credit for attendance.

let's just say i passed that class by the hair of my chiny chin chin. and i'm so thankful that i don't have professor s again this semester.

i pretty much made sure of it, and now i have professor h. even though it's still biology, i'm really hoping i'll do better in this class. the class isn't really an extension of the class last semester, which is good because i didn't learn anything last semester. so i'm really lucky.

and even though i don't really enjoy doing homework, i'm kind of glad we have some in this class. we didn't have any in my class last semester, and i think that was one of the reasons i didn't do so well.

part of our homework this semester is defining all of the terms from each chapter (we're covering 21 chapters this semester). well, let me just tell you that there are a lot of terms in each chapter. i'm almost half way done with the chapters (i have 10 done) and i've used almost 300 index cards. oh, and i've been cutting the index cards in half, so i've defined almost 600 terms. crazy!! but hopefully it'll help me learn the stuff!! and if we turn all of our homework in by march 5th, professor c will drop our lowest test grade. and i'm sure i'll really need that!!

now, on to something that's cute and fun...


the other day when mary was over, she took some picture of addison. she loves using my dad's camera, and i love seeing pictures that other people take. everyone has their own style! so i'll leave you with a few cute picture of pookie :)


Eyegirl said...

I can't say I really like science, but I took 8 years of science classes to get my Doctor of Optometry degree, so I guess I don't hate it, either. Bio was always my favorite of the sciences. Good luck, and I hope this prof is better for you.

Haley said...

I absolutely hate science. It's like my brain shuts off as soon as I even hear the word. Especially CHEMISTRY! Oh gosh...

ps. The pictures of Addison are too too cute!

Valerie said...

I was never a big fan of science either. In college I made the mistake of taking biology too. It was awful. Then I took nutrition for my other natural decision ever! I really enjoyed that class!

Mindy said...

I'm one of those biology majors.. lol .. but every person has their own subjects they hate and love! Last semester I had a history class and I hated it!!!
The professor can really make or break a class so hopefully yours is good for this semester. Defining all those terms would be a lot of work but hopefully it's not just "busy work." How come you have to take two semester of bio? That seems weird. Well good luck!!! (Found your blog through Shealynn's)

Sarah said...

Bailey-I'm taking RODP Bio-it's kicking my booty.

Anonymous said...

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