Monday, February 15, 2010

john mayer

the john mayer concert was amazing.

i meet maria at her house before the concert, and our friend jenna came and had dinner with us. we didn't really want to see the opening band, so we took our time at dinner.

we ended up timing it perfectly. right when we got there, the opening band was playing their last song...then it was john mayer time!!

i forgot to take a camera, so i took all of these pictures with my phone...

the concert was really really good. i didn't want it to end.

i still haven't bought his new cd (i'm going to buy it on itunes soon) so i didn't know the words to some of the songs. but i did a lot of singing!!

in the middle of the concert, he started talking about an interview he had. he was apologizing for the things he said, and he started crying. his backup singers started crying, too. it was kind of weird. i didn't really expect that, but i guess it's good that he apologized. i hadn't heard anything about the interview before then, so i didn't know what he had said. i looked it up the next morning and read some of it. it was pretty long, so i didn't read every part. to me, the things he said weren't that bad. i mean, it was kind of weird and inappropriate (it was playboy interview).

i really didn't want the concert to end. it was amazing. i can't wait until he comes back. i'll be at all of his concerts in nashville!!