Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it's my birthday!!!

i'm finally 21!!! yayyyyyyy!!!

i had to go to class and take my test today, though :( no bueno.

it started snowing last night around 7:30, and by 8:30 there was snow covering everything. i think we got about an inch, but it just wasn't enough to call off classes. at least not college classes. the grade schools were out. lucky!

the snow was SO pretty last night. the flakes were huge. i tried to get some pictures, but it's really hard to take pictures of snow. i took some, but they don't do the snow justice. i'll post them soon!

any who, i was able to go get my new license between my classes! so i'm not restricted anymore! i'm such a big girl :)

tonight i'm going to dinner and i'm going to have a drink. cause i can!!

i can't wait for the waiter to card me and me hand him my license! and then him say "oh, ok!". haha!!

i'll try to take some pictures of my first legal drink :)