Tuesday, February 23, 2010


well, this morning was definitely an interesting one...

first off, i woke up really late. i usually get up around 6:45, which gives me more than enough time to get ready and relax a bit. i don't really do much, just play on the computer and maybe get a little homework done. this morning i had planned on studying for my biology quiz, so i really needed to get up on time.

that didn't exactly happen. my alarm went off at 6:45, and i hit the snooze button. well, i thought i hit the snooze button. apparently i hit the dismiss button, which totally turned my alarm off. i ended up waking up an hour late. when i woke up, i knew that i had over slept. i just had that feeling. i hopped up and got ready really fast. i guess it's a good thing that i normally wake up extra early, because even though i woke up an hour late, i still had enough time to get ready.

but not enough time to get a lot of studying in. i was able to get a little bit done, but not much.

i left the house a little late, but i had time to make it to class on time. every day on the way to class, there are always cop cars parked with no one in them. i guess they think people will slow down seeing the cars. actually, i think they do it because they know people will see the empty cars all the time and get used to seeing them and won't slow down. so they'll put a cop in the car one day and pull people over.

and that's what happened to me. i usually slow down when i see a cop car, even if i don't think a cop is in it. this time, i slowed down but not in time. i saw those lights come on and i just thought shit, my morning is going to be horrible.

it was the first time i've been pulled over*. i didn't really freak out as much as i thought i would. and the cop wasn't mean**. he wasn't nice, but he wasn't mean. i didn't cry or anything. i thought i would, and towards the end i thought i was going to. but i didn't. i was hoping he was just going to give me a warning, but he didn't.

now i have to go to court. yippee.

oh, and if you're wondering, the ticket was for speeding. surprise surprise.

*i've had a ticket before, but i didn't get pulled over. i turned right on red without stopping, and there was a camera that the light, so i got the ticket in the mail. oh, and one morning when my mom and i were carpooling, i got her to drive my car so i could eat breakfast. she got pulled over because my tags were expired, so it was my fault. but i got that taken care of and i didn't have to pay the ticket. i don't really think that counts...

**i had a really bad experience with a cop when i was in high school. that's a long story, and i'll save it for another post.

and to top it all off, i've been kind of stressed lately. i just feel like i have a lot to do and i don't have enough time. i get this way sometimes, and it goes away. but hopefully i'll be able to get a lot done this week and not feel as stressed.

hope everyone is having a better day than me! i know it could be worse, but it's still been a pretty crappy day in my opinion.