Friday, February 26, 2010

half full friday

today i'm participating in Eyegirl's Half Full Friday! you can go to her blog, Life As Eye See It, to see what made her happy this week, and to learn how to participate!

now on to what made me happy this week...

i am happy that it is friday!

i am extremely happy that i finished all of my biology homework, for the whole semester, last night. i'm turning it all in on tuesday so that my lowest lab AND lecture test grades will be dropped!! i'm SO happy about this!!

i am happy that i've been getting more and more emails about blog design!

i am happy that spring break is fast approaching! only 1 more week!

i am happy that addison is starting to walk! she can't stand up all by herself, but she'll walk from one person to another!

i am happy that the weather was so nice last saturday and sunday! i just wish it had stuck around!

i am happy that i'm about to do something exciting for my blog! i'll let you know when it happens :)