Wednesday, February 24, 2010

photo tag

Eyegirl over at Life As Eye See It did a photo tag yesterday and selected me to participate! i'm so excited! it looks like fun...

here are the rules:

1. open your 1st photo folder.
2. scroll to the 10th photo.
3. post the photo and the story behind it.
4. tag 5 or more people.

so, this is the picture!

i have a ton of pictures on my computer, and i don't really organize them. this is from august last year, and that was right after i got this computer. so, that was the first time i uploaded pictures, and the first photo folder on my computer!

and, of course, it's of addison! she's my little model.

i bet you're thinking what in the hell did you do to that child?! yes, i know. she looks like she was abused. but i promise you she was not.

i'm not going to tell the whole story of both things, helmet and cast, but i will kind of tell a brief story.

first came the helmet. when i took addison to her 6 month appointment, her dr. was concerned with her head. it was flat in the back, and he wanted to have it looked at. we had to take her to have a CAT scan (i think that's what it was) and then we had to take her to a special doctor downtown. when we saw the special doctor about the helmet, he said she didn't need it but that he recommended she get one. we decided to get a helmet for addison because we didn't want her head to be misshapen.

she had had the helmet for about a month and a half, i think, when we had another event. the helmet wasn't something that we could have controlled. her head was flat and we couldn't help that. but the next thing that happened could have been controlled, and i've felt horrible about it since it happened.

addison rolled off our bed and broke her leg. how does that happen? i mean, i know babies roll off beds, but i thought when it happened they just cried for a while and got a little bruise or something. but not a broken leg.

so, she had a cast and a helmet for 4 weeks. imagine the looks i got.

addison did great the whole time she had her helmet and the whole time she had her cast. i thought it was going to be rough, but she really didn't care about either of them. she really is the best baby ever!

if you want to read the whole story about addison getting her helmet, you can click here. and if you want to read the whole story about addison's cast, you can click here. also, you can click the labels helmet and leg cast to read posts about those as well!

so, there's the story behind the picture. it's not really the story behind the actual picture, i guess, but more of why addison looked like she did in the picture!

oh, and sorry for the bad photography in the picture. i was still learning how to use the camera!!

now on to tagging people!

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