Monday, February 8, 2010

it's my birthday eve!

guess what today is!!!

it's my birthday eve!

which means my birthday is tomorrow!!

i'm so excited!!!

i have class tomorrow, and a test. and my lab, and a quiz. i'm hoping to go get my new license between my test and lab. hopefully i'll have time!!

oh, and john mayer is in 2 days! i can't wait! hopefully i'll remember to take some pics at the concert!

on another note, we're under a winter storm warning. great! more snow. memphis got 7 inches this morning. we'll see if we actually get any. i'm still hoping i have class (crazy, i know!). but i want to get this test over with and i want to go get my new license.

just in case it does snow, i made chris run by the grocery on the way home to get a few things. i'm not really concerned about us having food, but i just want to have stuff for addison. i can eat whatever. but addison is kind of picky!!

my birthday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!