Friday, February 19, 2010


first, let me just say that i know i don't use proper grammar all the time. i mean, i don't capitalize anything in my blog posts. that's one thing i can point out. and if you've ever talked to me on the phone or in person, you'll probably notice that i say "like" way too much. there's another.

also, this isn't from something i read on some one's blog. i know people make typos occasionally, and i'm sure i do it too. that doesn't bother me at all.

but simple grammar. common, kids.

i'm in my 4th online class, and it's funny to see what people write and have discussions about. i've read some people arguing over things that are stupid. the arguments make me laugh. seriously. who cares?!

ok, now to my point.

there have been a few people in my american literature online class that just don't know how to use proper grammar. here's an example "i seen that in the book." ok, really?!? i seen?!? common. i can just hear someone saying that, and it just makes me laugh. not like the haha that's funny laugh, but the seriously, you're kidding me laugh.

i could go on and on about it. i'm sure a lot of people think that everyone in the south speak that way, but we really don't. we're not all hillbillies. but apparently i have some in my online classes!!

ok, i'm done. thanks for listening (well reading, rather).