Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i've always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks. i read A Walk to Remember and The Notebook years ago, and i loved the books as well as the movies.

when i saw a preview for Dear John and learned it was based off a book by Nicholas Sparks, i decided i wanted to read it. i've been anticipating the movie coming out for a while, even before reading the book.

well, i finally read the book. it took me 3 days to read it. i just started reading a couldn't stop.

another thing i couldn't stop doing was cry. the book just made me cry and cry and cry.

i hate books that make me cry like that, but i really loved the book. i guess me and Nicholas Sparks have a love/hate relationship.

i'm a big fan of books with happy endings. this book didn't have my definition of a fairytale ending, even though i wanted it to. i found myself making up an ending that would make me happy, but i really couldn't. i just kept going back to what actually happened.

i sometimes wonder why books can make me so emotional. i know they aren't based on true stories, so i don't really know why i get so sad. i try to tell myself that it didn't really happen, but it doesn't help. i get so wrapped up in the book that i feel like it's really happening and i just get so emotional!

i've seen the preview for Dear John 50 bzillion times already. and surprisingly, it doesn't get old. i watch it every time i hear it coming on. and every single time i get goosebumps. i guess it's because i know everything that happens. sometimes i feel like i'm going to cry while watching the 2 minute preview. sad, i know.

friday i'm going to see the movie and get it over with. i say get it over with as if i'm not excited. i'm really excited, but i know i'm going to cry. a lot. so i'm kind of ready to get the crying over with.

i'm going with one of my friends from my biology class. she's the one who told me Dear John was a book and told me i needed to read it. so we're going together, and we'll probably both be crying together. hopefully she doesn't mind sniffles!!

i'll make sure to let you know how the movie is. all of the Nicholas Sparks books that have been made into movies are pretty much exactly like the book, which i really like. i don't really like when movies are changed and don't really follow the book. we'll see how this one goes!


Valerie said...

Per your recommendation, I have ordered the book and am just waiting for it to come in!

Let me know how the movie is!

metta1313 said...

I saw the preview for this when I went to see New Moon. My husband let me have some "me" time while he took care of our 1 month old. Well, I cried at the freaking preview...those new mommy hormones!

amy said...

I love Nicholas Sparks books and I loved Dear John...even though it didn't have the fairytale ending.

I'm with you...I don't like when they make movies from books and then make changes.

I'm hoping to go see Dear John this weekend!

Hope you enjoy it and don't cry too hard! :)