Monday, January 18, 2010

this weekend

it doesn't really feel like a monday. since i don't have class on monday, it just feels like the weekend still, which i don't really mind.

saturday, my mom watched addison all day while i went to clarksville. my friend mary and i went there to go to one of our friend's baby shower. we had to leave a little early to drop mary's brother off at his new dorm room, and then we ended up staying at the shower for quite a while just hanging out and talking. i didn't get home until about 7, and i was worn out. i read some of dear john, and cried. of course. i cry a lot during books. i don't know why i put myself through it. i knew the book would make me cry, and i read it anyway.

yesterday, which i have to keep reminding myself was sunday, was a pretty fun day. addison and i went to my grandmother's house for breakfast. it's always fun taking her over there so my grandmother can see her and play with her. addison ate some bagel and blueberry muffin like a big girl. it has gotten a lot easier feeding addison now that she's older. i do sometimes struggle figuring out what to feed her, but it's a lot easier now that she feeds herself. i do have to tear things into smaller pieces, but she puts it all in her mouth!

after that, we headed to costco. my dad has a membership there and addison and i go with him every so often. they don't have addison's diapers (she's a pampers girl. there's a reason why, and i'll share that story soon), but they do have diaper wipes. i don't really care what brand those are, so we get the huge box of those whenever we need them. we also needed toilet paper and paper towels, so we got those while we were there. i think it's really funny looking at some of the things that you can buy in their large quantities. even though i use a lot of what they sell, i just don't have the need for a years worth of it. i did get mac and cheese there once. yumm! i love mac and cheese. maybe that will be for dinner...ok, that was definitely random.

addison and i left costco and headed home. it was already past addison's nap time, so she was getting a little fussy in the car. when we got home, i put her down and she fell right asleep. she didn't get her normal 2 hour nap, but she seemed to be fine when i woke her up for lunch. since chris was working yesterday, i took addison over to my mom's to hang out there. we ate lunch there and played. addison is starting to walk around with her shopping cart. she always pulls up on it, but now she will walk around the house behind it. we have to go with her so she won't get stuck, but she's getting really good at it! she went around my mom's house after lunch and wore herself out.

we came home and i expected addison to pass out since she was so tired. but she didn't. she stayed up in her crib for quite a while just playing, but then she decided she wanted out. chris got home right around that time, so he got her out and played with her while i finished up some homework (fun stuff!). we ran to the grocery store last night (i think chris is getting tired of being in the house all the time. he just had to get out and go somewhere). we hung out around the house after that and i had a yummy turkey wrap for dinner. i had one saturday night, too, but i got a few more things to put in it from the grocery last night. i think that's going to be my lunch now! they are super easy and really good!

today i went to lunch with my cousin rachel. since my mom was off work today, she told me she could watch addison while we went to lunch. i took her up on that offer and decided it could be some good me time. rachel and i met at tin roof downtown and had lunch and chatted. it was a lot of fun! after that, i went to my old work (t-mobile) and visited one of my friends that still works there. i stayed there for a while talking with him, then i headed home.

addison was really excited to see me when i got home, and then she was ready for her nap. i'm glad she actually took one! i was able to get some homework done and relax a bit. not much, though.

if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that i decided to switch phones. i was using an iphone, but decided to switch to a blackberry. chris got one that was messed up and fixed it, so it was free! i switched it and have been using it for the past few days, but i decided i wanted to switch back to my iphone. well, that didn't happen. something is wrong with my iphone and it won't read my sim card. hopefully chris can fix it when he gets home! if not, he said he'd take it to the apple store tomorrow since he's off. we'll see what happens! if it can't be fixed, i'm just going to use the blackberry because i don't want to buy a new phone!!

i can hear addison waking up, so i'm off to get her!! hope everyone had a great weekend!